Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations During Ashraf Ghani Era


National Unity Government, Cross Border Militancy, CBMs, Security, The Taliban, Reconciliation, Blame Game, Conflict & Cooperation.

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HUMA QAYUM, & Dr. Muhammad Tariq. (2023). Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations During Ashraf Ghani Era. Rashhat-E-Qalam, 3(1), 22-29.


Since the emergence of Ashraf Ghani as a president in Afghanistan as a result of the 2014 elections, a dramatic shift from conflict to cooperation in Pak-Afghan relations can be seen. As compared with the Hamid Karzai era which engulfed Pakistan under the shadow of the blame game. In the era of Ashraf Ghani, several military CBMs were taken from both sides reflected a positive approach in crisis and conflict-ridden relations of both the states. Pakistan’s military and security establishment is keen to sort out the issue of cross-border militancy. In this regard, border fencing started from the Pakistan side can be termed as a positive initiative to ensure the security of peoples living on both sides of the Durand Line. Similarly, Ashraf Ghani was keen to reconcile with the Taliban elements, and in this regard, he needs Pakistan’s support. Pakistan played an important role to bring the Taliban towards negotiation with the Afghan regime because previously the Taliban never want to talk with the Ashraf Ghani regime. And not considered his government as the legitimate one. It was Pakistan’s efforts that an agreement of peace and reconciliation was finalized among the Taliban and Afghan government. As peace in Afghanistan will pave the way for peace and friendly relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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