Linguistic Reforms & Dispositions of Nashik: A Review


Unique, Innovation, Movement,urdu language,taza goi.Rekhta

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Nashik was a unique poet by nature, he had the ability of innovation the highest level. Nashik declared many techniques obsolete and brought the language to a new light. From a personal standpoint, Nashik’s movement presented the Lucknow style of Urdu language, he corrected the principles of used words and remembrance of the words have been formulated. The result of all these efforts is that the Nashik language is became the test in Lucknow.  Rekhta was given the name of Urdu language by him. Nasikh gave up the simple poetry and adopted the new color of poetry by naming it as "Taza Goi".Undoubtedly, the product of the Nashik movement is Kant's sorting and trimming.We can say that the nature of Nashik movement is cultural and decorative. In the poet's heart, the conscious unit of the society shines. It is a mirror of the unity in which the realities of multiplicity are moderated and give the art an effective tone. Mansabi is to be a thought-provoking symbol of the past; an interpreter of the present and a language lover of the future so that essay writing and linguistic virtues remain in front of him, which can give the credibility of society and literature wide and inclusive.



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