Sharib rudulvi ki fiction tanqeed


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Prof. Aslam Jamshedpuri. (2021). Sharib rudulvi ki fiction tanqeed. Rashhat-E-Qalam, 3(1), 51-65.


Among the progressive critics,sharib rudulvi ‘s name is very famous.many of his books guide not only students but also teachers in criticism.his popular book,jadeed tanqeed usool o nazryat(modern criticism ,principles and theroies)is still needed by students of research .sharib rudulvi has also made a name as a fiction critic .there are several articles in fiction criticism that identify you as a fiction critic .among them are premchand,manto,ahmed nadeem qasmi,iqbal majeed and abid sohail etc.One of Sharib Rudulvi's most popular books is "Jadeed Tanqeed Usool o Nazryat," which translates to "Modern Criticism, Principles and Theories." This book is considered to be a seminal work on literary criticism, and it is still highly recommended for research students who want to develop a deeper understanding of literary theory and criticism. The book covers a wide range of topics, including the nature of literary language, the role of the author, the meaning of literary works, and the different approaches to literary criticism.In addition to his contributions to literary criticism, Sharib Rudulvi is also highly regarded as a critic of fiction. He has written several articles on the works of well-known authors such as Premchand, Manto, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Iqbal Majeed, and Abid Sohail, among others. His articles have provided valuable insights into the themes, characters, and styles of these authors, making them essential reading for anyone interested in the world of fiction.Overall, Sharib Rudulvi's contributions to the field of literary criticism have been significant, and his works continue to be highly regarded and widely read. He has earned a reputation as a thoughtful, insightful, and original critic, and his works remain essential reading for anyone interested in the world of literature and literary criticism.


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