Publishing House

Socio Academic And Research (SAAR) Publications is a non-political platform that strives to cultivate research taste among aspiring social scientists, artists, and humanities academics. The concentration is on socio-political themes, cultural nuances, language domains, literary genres, and literature. SAAR publications owns the Research journal Rashhat-e-Qalam as the publication house of journal.

(SAAR) Publications demonstrates a culture of thorough and timely study of issues that arise in the aforementioned domains and have an impact on regional and national research and education policies.

Socio Academic And Research (SAAR) Publications & Rashhat-E-Qalam (Research Journal) adheres to Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. The subscribers are universities, research institutions, governmental, non-governmental agencies and individual researchers also.

Postal/Company Address: SAAR Publications Dehri Alladand Baro Patak District Malakand, Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Ph# +923459370275


Publisher of Journal

The Publisher of this journal is Dr Muhammad Altaf Yousofzai.