Marde Kherad mand o junu pasand


Khirad mand, junu pasand. Muhim juee, ilm, aql. Wisdom, islah, qaum.muslim society. Jaddo jehad, mahaz, Dardmand,qaum.millat Tahreek.sientific society

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Ghazanfar, P. G. (2022). Marde Kherad mand o junu pasand. Rashhat-E-Qalam, 2(2), 32-52.


In this paper the heroic works done by the great sir Syed Ahmed khan in the field of reformation of Indian especially Muslim society have been described in Dastani form.

Sir Syed Ahmed khan wanted to remove the evils and obstacles from the Muslim community through modern education. He emphasized on wisdom. According to him there were three main obstacles; and he had to fight them;

  1. The old traditions of his own society
  2. The British rulers who wanted to enslave every Indian.
  3. The other big community of India who took Muslims as their enemy.

In this article I have tried my best to show that Sir Syed Ahmed khan was a Dastani (hearoric character) who did the heroic tasks beyond imagination. I also used the Dastani language.


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