"Abiasa" A symbolic expression of the contradictions and conflicts of human life


fiction , maassir,novel, Nawad mauzoo, uskoob, technic, asri soorate Hal, dalit Masayel.fusun, Pani, magar mach

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Ifrahim, P. S. I. . (2022). "Abiasa" A symbolic expression of the contradictions and conflicts of human life. Rashhat-E-Qalam, 2(2), 20-31. https://doi.org/10.56765/rq.v2i2.64


This is well known fact that Ghazanfar is one of the important writers in the field of contemporary Urdu literature. He is multidimensional writer but in this article.  I have  focused only on his  fiction specially novel nigari. He has written nine novels on different topics. He contributed many new things in Urdu novel. He introduced dalit. Discours in Urdu fiction. His novel Divya Bani first novel on dalit problem in Urdu. He also wrote fusun campus novel first time in Urdu. The language of Ghazanfar fiction is also different from his contemporary writers. He language is very creative and also symbolic but his symbols are not difficult and embigus. He has also experimented in form and technic in Urdu novel.



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